She’ll get to relax without the guilt. Yes — It’s possible.

Even though we think moms should never have to feel guilty for indulging in some “me time.”

They deserve it the most, after all.

Step #1

Send mom a gift card to Sawyer. Never heard of it before? Well, you can thank us in advance for introducing you to your new most used site.

But first things first, let’s talk about the actual gift card.

Mother’s Day is officially only two days away, so we suggest buying the Sawyer gift card now (and not 10 minutes from now when you’ll surely forget) and scheduling delivery via text or email for Sunday morning before she wakes up. Because we all know that no matter how hard she tries, she’ll always have the need to check her phone first thing in the morning.

And when designing her Mother’s Day gift card, don’t forget to spice things up with a custom Mother’s Day wrapper and a video of the kids telling mom how much they love her. *Cue the happy tears*

Mother's Day Gift Guide Sawyer app local kids classes gift card designs

Step #2

Explore Sawyer. There’s a lot to see.

Sawyer is an online booking service that gives moms and dads across Manhattan and Brooklyn access to the most coveted kids classes in the city with just the click of a button.

And the selection of classes seriously can’t be beat. We’re talking music, fitness, art, science, sports, and drama classes with some of the best instructors in the borough.

All you have to do is filter your search to fit your area, class preferences, and the kiddo’s age; book your spot at least one hour in advance; and volia! She has an afternoon free to herself (unless she booked a mommy and me class) without any guilt… Because the tots are having fun too!

Mother's Day Gift Guide Sawyer app local kids classes gift cards 2

Step #3

Mom finally gets some me time. While the little one is singing songs, or finger painting, or learning how to code — and parent #2 is cleaning up the house (right?) — mom can hit up the spa, salon, gym, shops… Whatever makes her feel renewed, relaxed, and like herself again.


Step #4

Buy mom even more Sawyer gift cards. Because as much as she loves the kids, she’ll always need some down time to herself. And let’s face it… The kids love hanging out without the ‘rents sometimes too.


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