Sentimental Mother’s Day gifts don’t have to be cheesy.

Well, unless that cheese comes with a bottle of wine. (Stay with us here).

This year, we’re giving our award for the Most Unique, Sentimental, and Luxurious Mother’s Day Gift to Get Wickd.

You know them as the super cool company who can turn your most cherished bottles from special occasions — think: the wine from the proposal, or the champagne from the wedding — into custom engraved candles. But now, you can trust Get Wickd to help with the entire memory-making process, from full bottle to empty candle.


Choose your mom’s drink of choice, from Moet Chandon, to Veuve Cliquot, her favorite pinot noir, or Bombay Sapphire if she’s a gin lady. You then provide Get Wickd with your tear-jerking message to mom, choose the color and font style of the engraving, and voila! Your Mother’s Day gift is ready to send to mom.


Surprise mom with her new thoughtfully engraved bottle of wine or champagne (or scotch if that’s more mom’s style). Drink up. Then send the bottle back to Get Wickd to get started on the candle.

Bonus: You can send the bottle back in the original box with the pre-paid shipping label. Seriously, these guys thought of everything.


Surprise mom with Mother’s Day part 2: The custom candle made from her engraved bottle! Not only can the memory of her favorite Mother’s Day gift ever live on, but every time she burns the candle (she can even choose the scent), she’ll be reminded of what a great son or daughter you are. Win-win.


Make sure that candle never goes empty. That’s right, Get Wickd will even refill mom’s candle for her. Simply print the pre-paid shipping label, put it back in the box it came in, send it over to Get Wickd, and they’ll refill the candle and send it back ready to burn. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Seriously, it never stops.


Watch this video. Try not to weep. Then buy your mom a Get Wickd gift card for Mother’s Day part 3.

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