Trendy Gift Cards for Jewelry Animal Statement Rings

Ring Ring! That’s not the phone, it’s a new trend trend calling: Statement animal rings.

There were some pretty bold jewelry trends this season, but by far the quirkiest (and our personal favorite) is the animal ring. From classic shapes—if you can call them classics—like the wrap-around snake ring, to Land-Before-Time-esque statements rings that could probably double as a weapon if need be… (👊). These rings run the full gamut of the zoo directory.

When rocking the animal ring trend, remember to err on the minimalistic side for the rest of your jewelry look. A second, dainty ring on the other hand would add a touch of sophistication, while a fist full of dinosaurs may be a bit too playful for a day at the office.

Unless you’re a paleontologist, we suppose. (Hi, Ross).

Want to get in on the trend? Easy. Tons of our trendy gift card merchants have animal rings in stock this season, and we curated just a few of our faves.

Tiffany Chou

Trendy Jewelry Gift Cards New York Online

TIFFANY CHOU GIFT CARDS: Tiffany Chou | Animal Rings | $95 each

Shel. Couture

Trendy Jewelry Gift Cards San Diego Online

SHEL. COUTURE GIFT CARDS: Shel. Couture | Ram Ring | $450


Kirna Zabete

Trendy Jewelry Gift Cards New York

KIRNA ZABETE GIFT CARDS: Daniela Villegas | Beetle Rings | $1295 each


RASK Fine Jewelry

Trendy Jewelry Gift Cards Denver

RASK FINE JEWELRY GIFT CARDS: RASK Fine Jewelry | Snake Ring | $1500

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