Santa Clause is coming to town, and he brought a sack full of gift cards.

They may not be as fun to rip open as a pile of presents, but no one likes cleaning up wrapping paper, and we promise — they’ll love these gifts way more.

Plus, we all know Santa is getting old. Gift cards are way easier on his back than a wooden rocking horse, and Mrs. Clause just can’t stand to hear him complain for one more minute.


They like to help in the kitchen

What they love even more? Making a mess. Luckily, with a Christmas gift card to Give Me Some Sugar in Chicago, The Kids’ Table in Chi-Town as well, or Duff’s Cakemix in LA (yes – the Duff from Ace of Cakes!!!), they can get messy, get creative, and get their baking on… And you won’t have to sing the clean up song.

Give Me Some Sugar (Chicago) | The Kids’ Table (Chicago) | Duff’s Cakemix (Los Angeles)


They like playing dress up

The little fashionistas and fashionistos after our own hearts. NOLA Couture is the perfect spot for the little guy who always wants to wear dad’s ties, while Monica + Andy has the cutest tiny threads for the Chicago trendsetter in the making. And for the “I have too much on my plate” parent who doesn’t want to sacrifice the little one’s style, Mac & Mia will deliver the duds straight to their door. No pushing a stroller through a crowded mall required.

NOLA Couture (New Orleans) | Monica + Andy (Chicago) | Mac & Mia (Chicago, NYC, LA)


They like hanging with pals

We’re taking mom and dad into consideration with these Christmas gift card suggestions. With Kids Passport, parents can schedule last minute music, play and sports classes right from their phones (a life saver). While at KINDRED Studios and Citibabes, the kiddo can play with their friends while mom and dad sweat out all the holiday stress — they both double as fitness studios.

Kids Passport (Brooklyn) | KINDRED Studios (New Orleans) | Citibabes (NYC)


They like toys & games

Talk about heaven on earth. What tiny tot wouldn’t want free range of a toy store to pick out any toy, game, or treat they want. Especially if they get to run around Toy Joy, aMuse Toys, or Play in Logan Square.

Toy Joy (Austin) | aMuse Toys (Baltimore) | Play (Chicago) 


They like sugar & more sugar

And if you still can’t think of any gift ideas for kids for your miniature Secret Santa this year, just remember: They all love sugar. Kinderhook Snacks makes seriously scrumptious cookies that the littles (and Santa) will enjoy, while Sweet Buddha and It’Sugar will have this kid feeling like a kid in a candy store. Literally.

Kinderhook Snacks (Baltimore) | Sweet Buddha (Chicago) | It’Sugar (Nationwide)

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