We already told you what she really wants… So now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty.

She wants gift cards, but where does she want to shop? That’s where the gift ideas for women fall short. It all depends on her personality — which we’re assuming you know pretty well by now.


She likes to be pampered

Don’t we all. A Christmas gift card for a fresh manicure is always a good idea for this polished gal, but Enamel Diction takes manis to a whole new level with colorstrology. Meaning: An astrologist will take a look at her digits (and her birth chart) to determine the absolute PERFECT color for her.

Enamel Diction x @NailJob | Enamel Diction x @NailJob | Enamel Diction x @ChaunPNails | Enamel Diction x @NailJob


She likes fashion

Again, don’t we all. But we’re not telling you to go out and try to shop for her. Nope. Let her do the shopping AND the designing with a Christmas gift card to Laudi Vidni in Chicago. First, she chooses the style, then the leather, lining and hardware. And after that, she’s ready to draw some major bag envy from her girlfriends.

laudi_vidni_womens_gift_cards.jpgComodo Envelope $195 | Brio Bucket Bag Mini $375 | Cambiare Tote $525 | Andante Satchel $475


She likes beauty

She may like beauty, but that doesn’t mean she wants to paint her own face and curl her own hair. That’s what Haute Air is for. We’re talking blowouts, makeup application, braiding and even quick 10 minute scalp massages. Send her this gift card now before we book all the available appointments for ourselves.

Blow Dry $45 | Dry Styling $35 | Women’s Cut $90 |Full Makeup Application $45


She likes to sparkle

FLAT 128 is our idea of retail heaven — we’re not kidding guys. This gorgeous boutique in West Village is where jewelry lovers go for the most unique, the boldest and the best of UK designer talent. We know Coco said to ditch one accessory before leaving the house, but we say put one more on. She won’t be able to resist.

Comfort Station Black Specter Necklace $260 | Smith/Grey Knuckle Duster with Horses $450
Momocreatura Enamel Eye and Ray Earrings $345 | Ricardo Rodriguez Carijo Necklace $245


She likes you

And she loves to feel beautiful. The key to a woman’s confidence is what’s under her clothes, because let’s face it, we all stand a little bit taller when we have a lacy secret. Brooklyn Fox Lingerie will definitely make her feel sexy, and fellas, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this gift too. Bow chicka wow wow.

La Perla Begonia Chemise $214 | Maison Close Villa Satine Gris Triangle Bralette $65
Maison Close Villa Satine Gris Bikini $45 | L’Agent Grace Playsuit $198 

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