Gift Ideas and Gift Card Incentives for Employees.jpg

Alternate title: How to win World’s Best Boss (and deserve it).

Unlike this guy.


To avoid hitting rock bottom like Mr. Scott — and actually earn the mug — you have to KILL it with the holiday gifts this year.

Of course, finding the perfect gifts for employees can be tough. Each person has their own likes and interests, but it’s simply unrealistic to send all of them unique gifts.

So it comes down to the age-old question: Gift cards or cash?
Most employees say gift cards.
And by most, we mean nearly all.

EIGHTY — yes, eighty — PERCENT of employees prefer gift certificates over other incentives (or “gifts” as we say this time of year), while only 17% would prefer cash.

And the best part is, gift cards make it easier for both employees and the boss man. Phew.


Employee Benefits

Gift cards offer choice AND (gently) force recipients to actually treat themselves to something indulgent rather than spend their holiday cash on gifts for other people… or worse: Groceries. Gifts are gifts — not chores.


BO$$ Benefits

Giftbar’s digital gift cards are super easy to personalize. You can add your business name and logo to the design, and the boss lady herself can even record a video message to include in the gift card, thanking all of the employees for their hard work (and for staying off of Instagram until lunch).

Plus, 33% of employees like gift certificates because they’re more thoughtful than cash. And being thoughtful is always a good thing.


Even Easier & Even More Thoughtful

So just how can a gift card that requires so little thought be so thoughtful? By sending employees a universal Giftbar of Choice.

There’s a reason 75% of employees prefer open loop (fancy term for ‘universal’) to closed loop (specific to one place only). Open loop cards give them the gift of choice, so they can eat, pamper, or shop their little hearts out the way they want.

Because that’s what the holiday season — and time off of work — is for. 👏👏



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