We already told you that she wants a Valentine’s Day gift card. Now we’re telling you what kind she’ll want most.

1. Pedicure Gift Cards

Her toes have been squished inside those snow boots for months, and Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly the best time to remind her of that. But a gift card for a pedicure is more than just a chance to polish her piggies, it also gives her an excuse to finally get a little “me” time. Sure that means she’s spending time away from you… but… well…


Tiptoes Nail Spa

No need to tiptoe around the subject… We love this San Francisco spa. She can go for a classic mani-pedi if she wants to keep it simple. But to her we say, treat yourself girl! Go for the Fruit Smoothie pedi, or a luxurious lemongrass pedicure called Relief for Tattered Tootsies (love the name).


A Zazazoo pedicure is perfect for the girl on the go. No fuss — just a perfect polish and she’s out the door to spend the rest of her “me” day elsewhere. Shopping perhaps? (see below)

The Painted Nail

This nail spa in LA is all about glamour and luxury, from the chandeliers to the treatments themselves. They’ve been named the ‘Best in LA’ too many times to count, and it’s easy to see why. Just take a look at her nails when she gets home.

2. Chocolate Gift Cards

No — not gift cards made out of chocolate. If there’s one holiday that’s known for literally sweet gifts, it’s Valentine’s Day. So this year, think outside the grocery-store-chocolate box, and treat her and her sweet tooth to some real decadence.


Brigabon Candy Co.

For the lady with exotic taste. Brigabon is all about the brigadeiro — a sweet, gourmet candy from Brazil (think along the lines of a truffle). The flavors are insane — Apple Pie, PB&J, Mint Patty — and they taste just as good as they look. Trust us.

Anna Shea Chocolates

To feed her bonbons all night. Anna Shea’s Valentine’s Day collection of bonbons is beyond adorable (they’re all shaped like hearts <3) and the flavors are super unique. Our favorite? Passion “Amore”tto.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

If she lives for the box of chocolates you give her every year, take it up a notch this year with Vosges Haut-Chocolat. The chocolate is super high quality, delicious (of course), and the flavors are to die for. She never new she needed bacon dark chocolate until today.

3. Fashion Gift Cards

She’s been drooling over the coveted ‘It’ bag for months, and she’s had that leather jacket bookmarked in her favorites bar since leather jackets were actually weather-appropriate. You know she would never spend that much on herself, so surprise her on Valentine’s Day! But because the odds are against you when it comes to picking out the one she actually wants (and not just a bag/dress/jacket that kind of looks the one she’s crazy about), go for the gift card instead. Makes things easier for both of you.


Kirna Zabete

She loves to shop — especially when it comes to her favorite designers — but she feels guilty spending the money on herself. That’s where you come in. Sending her a gift card to Kirna Zabete in NYC is the definition of spoiling her this Valentine’s Day. And we’re sure she won’t mind.

Hampden Clothing

And for the Southern ladies, there’s always a trip to Hampden. If she’s lusting over this season’s “It” bag, this Charleston boutique has it in stock… Along with the latest clothing, shoes, and accessories, of course.

Five & Ten

We talk about Forty Five Ten all the time, but Five & Ten is the Dallas boutique’s younger, concept store sister. Here, she’ll find the coolest designer garb straight from the runway. We suggest you tag along on her shopping trip — she’s going to have a lot of bags to carry.

And when she can’t believe you got her the perfect gift all by yourself — take the credit! We’ll keep this gift guide between us. Wink wink.

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