Cyber Monday Send Instant Digital Gift Cards this year's most requested holiday gift

Gift cards are the #1 most requested holiday gift year after year, but most recipients feel too guilty to ask for them… Houston, we have a problem.

And that problem is pesky phenomenon of gift card guilt. Never heard of it?
Gift card guilt is the anxiety associated with not only sending gift cards, but asking for them as well! Crazy, right?

We mean, sure, we all feel a little uneasy when we’re holiday shopping because we’re people pleasers and we always want to be right. But to feel guilt asking for a gift card rather than a physical gift? Who knew it was such an issue?!

Send Instant Digital Gift Cards this year's most requested holiday gift

Recipient Gift Card Guilt

According to a study done last holiday season, while more than half of all U.S. consumers would prefer to receive a gift card to a physical gift, nearly 30% feel guilty admitting they’d much rather get a gift card than yet another hand-held vacuum.

Apparently, most of those who plead guilty simply don’t like asking for anything at all (FYI modesty is not the best policy during the holidays, people), while 45% feel guilt because they think gifters would rather to send them something more personal than an “easy” gift card.


Purchaser Gift Card Guilt

On the flip side, while 78% of gift givers prefer gift cards BECAUSE they make holiday shopping much easier, many agree that gift cards tend to feel too impersonal, and that the recipients aren’t asking for them anyway! Now we know why.

Good news alert: All of the gift card guilt from both sides can vanish with Giftbar’s digital gift cards. The fact that gift cards are perceived as impersonal is the cause of all this crazy guilt, with most survey respondents saying the ability to personalize gift cards with photos, videos and personal messages flips the ‘impersonal’ perception on its head and reduces guilt!

Respondents also indicated that they prefer digital gift cards to plastic because they know the recipient can save it to their mobile wallet, preventing the gift card from getting lost at the bottom or her endlessly deep handbag… yet again.

Send Instant Digital Gift Cards this year's most requested holiday gift

So on Cyber Monday, stay online and send Giftbar instant gift cards to your whole list (gifts for women, gifts for men, gifts for everyone!). Our unique gift cards are totally personalized with fun designs and custom messages and photos, and now you can even record your own video to include in your texted or emailed digital gift card.

And did we mention you can send them to their favorite local, high-end boutiques, spas, salons and services? Yep, no need to even type the address into your Maps app.

Now that’s pretty freaking personal if we do say so ourselves.


Everyone wants gift cards, and everyone wants to give gift cards. So go on and spread that gift card love!

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