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You used to call me on my cell phone… But now you just text.

It’s true. And we’re all to blame. People just can’t seem to take their eyes off of their phones these days. Always texting. Always emailing. Always scrolling through Instagram and updating our Snapchat stories.

So when we’re shopping around for the perfect birthday, anniversary, or “hey, I’m thinking of you” gift… Why not just text the present to them? It’s really the only way to guarantee they’ll see it, because most of us won’t even put our phones down long enough to open a present!

We kid, we kid. But if we’re spending an average of 4.7 hours a day on our phones (which is more time than some of us coffee addicts spend sleeping), we might as well start using them to send and receive gifts.

Millennial Women Want Gift Cards

Nearly three out of four (74% to be exact) millennial women prefer to receive gift cards as gifts. They want gift cards more than they want the new Céline bag, a fresh manicure, or a fat stack of cash.

They would like to receive clothing, shoes, and especially beauty products more than they would a gift card, but if you’re a guy shopping for the lady in your life, you’re most likely not the person who should be buying a Tom Ford lipstick for her — She’s never worn a red lip, and she’s not going to start now.

And although you may not think getting a gift card will be as fun for her as tearing open a box of new Louboutins, waking up to a text message that she wasn’t expecting AND that lets her go on a shoe shopping spree seems like a pretty fun surprise to us.


millennial_women_gift_cards_digital_mobile.jpg                   Infographic via Adweek

Millennials Prefer Digital Gift Cards

It’s not just women, folks. It seems that all millennials are gravitating toward sending and receiving digital gift cards. A report by Stored Value Solutions revealed that 40% of consumers ages 18-35 prefer digital gifts to their physical counterparts.

On top of that, an InComm survey found that 89% of consumers have purchased a gift card online or with their mobile device, and that 96% of consumers are interested in storing them on their phone for self use.

Especially millennials… Because apparently they have an overwhelming tendency to lose things. In fact, 40% of people ages 18-29 lost their physical git card before they could even spend the money stored on it. See below.

Screen_Shot_2016-02-17_at_11.19.00_AM.png                          Infographic: The Washington Post via Bankrate.com
Which is why they love digital gift certificates — They’re harder to lose. Once they’re in your email inbox or stored in your mobile wallet, they’re not going anywhere. Meaning you can spend every last penny.

So go ahead and keep your eyes on your phone. Your eye doctor might not advise it, but we’re not going to stop you (wink, wink).

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